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Ok, on first glance this looks like it’s no big deal, right? I can hear you saying “I can already take pictures with my Smart Phone.” Yes, but…

Office Lens doesn’t just take a picture. This new update gives you the ability to convert your pictures directly into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations – that are EDITABLE!

For Word, Office Lens recognizes the text and the document layout. All the text, formatting and layout in the Word document is preserved. Images of typed text become fully editable—just like you authored it at your desk.

For PowerPoint, all the handwritten lines and strokes are transformed into PowerPoint drawing objects that can be recolored, resized, repositioned and edited. That great infographic or sketch from one presentation can now be reused in other presentations.

This is truly impressive. But don’t just take my word for it. Watch this short video and watch the magic happen firsthand!

Very cool!

Bob here.  I’ve got a Windows 8 phone.  Yup, I’m special.  For the most part I like it.  One of the things that I like to lord over those other commoners is the fact that it’s got Office.  Yup, Microsoft Office.  So, along with my Office 365 subscription I can access all of my cloud-based documents stored on SharePoint and/or SkyDrive.

Yup, I’d be sitting pretty (ok, sitting anyway), using Word, Excel or PowerPoint to edit documents that only moments ago I was editing on my tablet.  Meanwhile my friends (if you can call them that) using their iPhones and their Android phones?  They’d look at me and I swear I could see their tears in their eyes.

It felt good.

Real good, I mean.  Those guys are pretty annoying, ya know?

But I felt smug in my superiority.

For once.

Until now.

Microsoft now has two new apps.  One for iPhone, and one for the Android.

Office on the Android!

Office on the Android!

Office iPhone

Office for the iPhone!

It’s…<sigh>…Office.  Office Mobile for Android (just released on 31 July), and Office Mobile for iPhone (released on 16 June).

Some quick Questions:

How do I get Office for my mobile device?

  • Go to your respective App Store.

Can I Edit my Office documents using Office now?

  • Yup (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)!

Are these full-functioned Office products?

  • Nope, just like Office Mobile on Windows Phone 8 (or Office RT), they have limited functionality.

Will the app integrate with my SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro accounts (without installing the SkyDrive app)?

  • Absolutely

Is Office Mobile on Windows Phone 8 better than Office Mobile on Android/iPhone?

  • Office Mobile comes preinstalled;
  • Office Mobile is pre-activated, so it will function without an Office 365 subscription;
  • Office 365 setup combines the setup of email, Office Mobile and Lync, with a single entry of credentials;
  • Office documents received as attachments in email will open directly with the Office Mobile app, not with viewers that may not render the documents correctly;
  • Office Mobile has support for saving documents locally on the phone;
  • Office Mobile includes searching and filtering for documents;
  • Office Mobile supports opening IRM-protected email and documents.

Is Office Mobile on Android/iPhone free?

  • It depends.  You need to have an active Office 365 subscription that includes the full desktop application.  If you’ve got that, then yup, it’s free (although it counts toward your 5 count of devices you can install Office on).

Is Office Mobile on Windows Phone 8 free?

  • Yup.  And it doesn’t count towards your 5 devices.  Plus you don’t have to have an Office 365 subscription.

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